Rules for Posting

                                        Prohibited products

  1. Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, drugs and narcotics.
  2. Body parts of living/dead person.
  3. Adoption of babies
  4. Any kind of animal body parts like skin, bones, liver, heart etc
  5. Tickets/Passes/coupons that are related to any events.
  6. Piracy: Movies, Video games, software, serial or any other video or audio.
  7. Prostitution, Adult content Images, videos and audio are strictly prohibited.
  8.  Unauthorized copies of any video, audio, software programs.
  9. Products with unrealistic price when compared to market pricing.
  10. Medical equipment without licenses
  11. Offering Backdoor jobs, government jobs (Except contract positions)
  12. Celebrity images are not allowed without their permission
  13. Admissions to colleges / schools /reputed institutes.
  14. Crime scene photos or videos
  15. Cryptocurrency machines
  16. Expired products
  17. Family planning devices
  18. Sandalwood and African blackwood (Except handicraft products and oils)
  19. Ivory products
  20. Guns/ Bombs/ weapons/ swords or their manufacturing processes are strictly prohibited.

Adpeaker suggests you to follow the safety tips before entering into any transaction.